Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snowflake Book

[snowflake pattern pdf's available HERE]

We've hardly seen any snow yet this winter, and it's almost January! I think that's depressing. I mean, really, I can see a kid outside my window playing basketball in shorts and a t-shirt. That shouldn't be possible this time of year!

So here's my answer to that, lets fill this city with paper snowflakes! My snowflake pattern book is FINALLY printed, cover screen printed, assembled and for sale on my etsy. Not in time for christmas, but at least it's still winter.  I've been putting pages in order and stitching them together, and i'm excited about the growing stack of finished and lovely objects.

They took 3rd place in graphic design for my final year of Opus (Trinity's juried student show), and I know everyone loved them because they started disappearing from their pedestal. Come on, world, thats not what we do with art!  For those of you who restrained your selves, now is your chance.

Theres more info about it's origins on my website.

a few snowflakes in my merry christmas window!
(notice the lack of snow outdoors)

Monday, December 26, 2011

1000 paper cranes

(Aren't they cute?)

My wedding gift for Claire and Gary is finally done and delivered, and I thought I'd share. 

The japanese tradition says that folding 1000 paper cranes for a couple on their wedding day is wishing them 1000 years of happiness and prosperity.  My obsessive paper-folding tedium-loving self thought this sounded like a great plan, and a few months of continuous paper folding later, I achieved a very large pile of pretty white birds.

1000 paper cranes

I had them all folded in time for the wedding, but I was a little too last minute in figuring out how to display them, so that part didn't happen until later. It's a good thing I have a wonderful woodworking father who was more than happy to assist!

Museum glass, curved edges, tricky spacers, pretty wood.  It's the perfect addition! The inside dimension  is 10"x10"x1.5", and 1000 cranes fit inside. They're pretty tiny!

The cranes are now hanging in the VanBehm apartment, and I hope they serve as a daily physical reminder of all the prayers and well wishes offered on the part of their family and friends who have been (and will continue) supporting and cheering them on!