Saturday, November 9, 2013

Craft Fair!

On September 6 I received a mailing from Trinity (my alma mater) that told me there was going to be a vendor market at homecoming on October 5. Naturally, I signed myself up with a handful of my snowflake pattern books, some earrings, and very little else. Over the next month I designed, printed, and folded like a crazy person. I ordered stickers and buttons and business cards and envelopes and packaging and tried to keep my brain organized. Nothing like a deadline to seriously motivate me!

I'm really proud of what I managed to pull together in a month, and I hope to do more craft fairs soon! I don't often work with actual things (my etsy site is all e-mailed pdfs), so having all these objects and figuring out how to display them and package them was rather heavenly.

Business cards designed for the occasion.

Stickers / envelope seals 

Lots of button designs!

The rest of the images are all the cards I designed and had printed for the fair.

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