Friday, May 18, 2012

Objet Petit Ahh...

Pinata Show: Part 2!

A month ago I had the wonderful privilege of participating in the second incarnation of a pinata show curated by Dayton Castlemen and Matthew Dupont. The last show was September 2009, and Abby and I made a pretty sweet donkey for that one.

This year's show was a little less academic, and a little more more smashing things with baseball bats, and it was fantastic!

According to the event information:

Objet Petit Ahh… is a single-evening exhibition and smashing party of artist-created piñata-sculptures.

In what could be the most destructive art exhibition in the history of Chicago, all of the artwork in the show will be obliterated by the show’s closing that evening. Whatever various and sundry contents should spill forth from the piñata sculptures will immediately be considered public property.

It was a busy week, but I promised Dayton a mini pinata, and ended up with a tiny 20-pointed origami-inspired glitter-filled lovely piece of smashable paper mache. Not exactly the easiest thing to make, but it was fun. And the party (at Co-Prosperity Sphere) was even more fun!  30 (ish) pinatas, people swinging baseball bats, free prizes, fantastic people, a little poop throwing, what more could you ask for!?

The inside was coated with gold glitter
and the smashed wreckage looked like little geodes!

The Titanic, made by a Trinity freshmen, Kaleb Dean,
complete with an ice bat!

the aftermath.

And here's some nice video footage someone put together of the evening, check it out!

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