Tuesday, November 6, 2012

'Tis the season! (for snowflakes)

My one claim to fame in this world is that I can cut paper snowflakes better than anyone I know. Please don't prove me wrong, I'd be devastated. Just kidding! Although I do owe some of this talent to my father, who perfected his skills while working nights in peds icu and then passed on the tradition on to his children. So, thanks dad!

Last year I made a little book of snowflake patterns, which you can find on my etsy. This year I also added printable PDF versions of them if you want to try your hand at these guys for cheap.

I know it's just about snowflake season because my snowflakes have made it into 2 pretty snowflake treasuries on etsy in the last 2 days. Aren't they lovely?

number one

number two

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