Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Making

Christmas is such a pretty time of year - and the perfect pretty crafting excuse.

I happened to be at my parents house when they bought their tree this year, so I snagged one of the extra branches - perfect for my tiny apartment. And then decorated it with all three of my christmas ornaments that i own. Maybe not a christmas tree, but a Christmas branch is festive enough for me!

One of my favorite christmas activities is wrapping presents. Ok, it's one of my favorite anytime activities. merry christmas, family!

that tiny box in the middle?  animal butt magnets!


And I made this cute bag.

Matt and I had christmas this past sunday, so I made a fancy dinner and decorated my table with all the christmas-y ish things I could find in my house. I think that was mostly a procrastination method from work I should have actually been doing, but it turned out nice! 

On an unrelated note, my etsy shop reached 100 sales before new years!  Here are 3 packages ready to ship to Singapore, Israel, and Norway! It's fun to know I have my work all over the world.

Here's to a wonderful new year full of making!

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